Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WHOOO came to visit.

Yesterday I glanced out the kitchen window and there perched this beautiful little owl. We have a grove of pines right behind the house which are a perfect windbreak. It was sunny but the wind was coming from the north, temp was about 18 above so he chose the perfect spot to snuggle in. He did stay all day but didn't return today. I am sure he didn't get a very good sleep, the house cats kept coming in and out of the kitchen slider and he would wake to watch them.

Not sure what kind of owl he is - or if "he" is a he. It looks like pictures of a Horned Owl but he wasn't very large. Cute though.


laughingmuse said...

If the bird was very small, he or she may have been an Eastern Screech Owl. (



Hooked On Felt said...

I'm so jealous that this bird has not visited my yarn and so happy for you that he did visit yours! How totally cool.