Friday, September 25, 2009

only 1 more week to Felt United

This is a teaser for the actual event. The banner is over 6 ft long in the Felt United theme colors. Circles and ovals of red, yellow and orange embedded in the banner depict felters worldwide connecting in many ways. Hope you will be here to join Suzanne Higgs and I celebrate the First International Day of Felt. Noon to 4 pm next Saturday, Oct 3, 2009 click here for maps.

Wish the Felt United yard sign to the left of the banner was clearer in the photo, but the wind was having a good time with the camera and me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Diane's Basketweave Hat

Another example of the fun I had earlier this month when my friends visited, Diane started the hat while she was here. She finished it when she went home and sent this photo. I do think the model has had too much of that California sunshine though, nice tan but a little wrinkled.

Friday, September 18, 2009

September has Lazy Days

The song says the "lazy days of summer" but to me September has the perfect lazy days. The garden has slowed down so no frantic picking of veggies every night and then doing something with them. Now I can appreciate every thing I pick, thinking it won't be long and it will be gone.

The glads above are left from 3 of my greatest lazy days this month. My friends, Karen and Diane, along with other goodies brought this gorgeous bouquet. I only wish I had taken the picture right away, this photo was after 7 days. We talked and knit till late at night, ate alot, walked the pier to the Big Red Lighthouse at South Haven and waded in Lake Michigan. Really relaxing for all of us.

The Allegan County Fair is on for 10 days and since we don't show sheep or goats now, I can attend and enjoy the noise, people, other people's animals and the harness races. The races were really good last Wed. Air was cool and the track was fast, the 14th race was a dead heat (means two horses tied for first place) and the last race was run at 2:02 - that has to be close to the track record for pacing horses.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Knit then Felt with Marr Haven worsted

It is always true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Leslee Perez of Texas shared this photo of the box she knit then felted with our yarn. The photo arrived at a perfect time as a customer was asking about using our yarn for a knit the felt purse. I always explain it takes our yarn much longer to felt in the washing machine because of the fine grade of wool; but Leslee's picture said it much better.

I have the banner done for the Oct 3rd Felt United event. I can't show it until after 10- 3 but I can describe it. It is my hand dyed shades of orange with interlocking circles and ovals just beneath the surface of the felt. It depicts the united groups of feltmakers all over the world creating the total fabric of felt.