Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Frantic Fun of Fall and early Winter

November and December are always busy months for most people and our household is one of those.  We are truly blessed though with such great friends; our 2nd family who help make these seasons memorable.

We always spend holiday dinners with them.  I particularly enjoy this; mostly for the company but also because I don't enjoy cooking and there is always good food in their homes.  This Thanksgiving had an added blessing that one member of that family had been missing from the group and now she is back.

Mid November in Michigan is deer hunting season.  This year my husband brought home a big buck with an ugly rack.  As Gene put it, "the buck was a fighter, not a lover".  A tine on each side had been broken off, I was worried that the meat might not be tender but it is.  Hopefully, the removal of this "bully" buck will allow the other bucks a better chance at finding the does.

I am still working at pieces for the annual Allegan Art Hop.  It is only a week away now so most items are ready.  Several of the nuno shawls I've made are fancier party wear, they are so lightweight they will easily be part of the spring and summer wardrobe of their new owners.  My felt pieces will be at Sharon's Quilts & More, 128 Hubbard St.  The horse drawn wagon goes right past her shop on the way to Baker Studios .  I hope you that are in the area will come to see all of us.