Monday, May 24, 2010

Veggie Garden Commencement

The past week was perfect for the beginning of the 2010 vegetable garden at Marr Haven. The temps were in the 70's - not too hot to work, with a slight breeze to keep the no-see-ums away (little gnat type bugs that bite). We have many, big shade trees around the house which means the garden is at the edge of the sheep pasture to get full sun and that means, fences all around. This was the year to take it all apart and set up again...thank heavens there's only a 2-3 year repetition of the fence part.

The plants went in last Wed am, we are trying a new yellow sweet pepper this year. Can you see the tiny little pepper that is already formed in the center.

Last year we tried Mustard Spinach for the first time, it is a fast grower as you can see by the row showing today. The seeds are not as big as a pin head and were planted only 4 days ago.

Now this week's heat and humidity will be a delight for all the growing things...and I will stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Wool Wet Felt Hat Class

Yesterday Bill and Andy came from Illinois to learn about making a wet felted hat on a Hat Shaper. Good thing they are both so energetic because Suzanne did put them through some fast paces.

They were so agreeable to try her technique that they didn't complain when we had our math problems designing a template for the resist, not even a grumble when we had to work extra hard for the brims to shape correctly. Actually, when all goes perfect I don't think you learn as much as when we work out a problem together.

The best part was today when the guys came back to show their trimmed and dry hats. They fit Bill perfectly, little large for Andy so he will use a size smaller Hat Shaper. They were obviously pleased with the outcome which Made My Day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kimono Cardigan perfect for spring.

The finished Kimono Cardigan is as perfect for spring as I hoped. It is knit with Marr Haven Green Heather sport wt, making it lightweight yet a warm coverup for the spring breezes.

The pattern by Dovetail Designs says it is a great project for beginners and I agree; although the roll over collar was a new technique for me. It was easy but I couldn't picture it in the first read, I won't give any explanation here respecting designer Val Love's creative rights. I will say after you do a couple of rows of the collar directions, it becomes very clear.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tulip Time Fetival in Holland Michigan

The Tulip Festival begins today in Holland Michigan, May 1 through the 8th. The festival website says, "it is a celebration of Dutch heritage and culture, a multi-generational event that has a little bit of something for everyone including; 3 amazing parades, multiple Dutch Dance performances, concerts, theatre, Dutch attractions, Dutch food, children’s events, trolley tours and so much more!" There are many interesting places about Dutch traditions in Holland that you can visit any time of the year but festival time is special.

Visitors to the festival often stop by our farm shop on the way since we are only 25 miles from Holland to the south and east which makes it a fun week for us as well. We had a good rain, actually thunderstorm, during the night so everything is fresh and dewy looking and now the sun will come out to make the day more enjoyable. Guess I should get shining as well.