Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Beginning, the day after Inaugration

What an uplifting and refreshing day yesterday was. We watched the Inauguration with friends who voted for President Obama. Of course, they were excited and expectant. I did not vote for him although I was impressed with his campaign, the organization of it and little details that were included throughout. I know our country needs a change but I wasn't sure he could do what he wants to do.

I was extremely impressed with the huge crowd of people that were in DC with apparently none of the problems that often come with a large public gathering. I thought his speech was excellent, despite what some commentators thought 'that it was not remarkable'. I thought it was very appropriate and he "covered all the bases". I pray God gives him the wisdom to make the right decisions. I also pray that we follow his lead by being more open and caring with each other.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nature's Lace Shawl

The news across the country is the 'deep freeze'. We are not the coldest by far, it did get to -2 before we went to bed last night. We don't have the most snow, another 4 inches yesterday and last night, about a foot where it isn't drifted or plowed. But here is our little corner of the world. The tree branches look so much like the most intricate lace shawl to me. The little pine tree just in front of our north pasture is wearing such a lonely one that God put a sunbeam on it..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paperweight Snowfall

Since Friday, we have had snow falling like it does in those old fashioned glass paperweights, gently falling straight down. Even though most of the snow was in small size flakes, it does pile up as shown in the picture.
Today was so tempting we had to get out in it. We got our cross country skis out for the first time in a few years, I made it around the curve in our driveway before I lost my balance and went down. There was so much fluffy stuff (snow, not me?) that it didn't hurt but I sure had forgotten the technique of getting up with those long things attached to my feet. After I finally got back in an upright position, I was rather pleased with what I could still do. Course we probably only went 1/2 mle.

The forecast for the coming week is windy and very cold so I have started Jill Turner's Button Wrap I am doing this one in our Burgundy Heather, hope I remember to post it when finished.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hemlock Ring Blanket

This gorgeous blanket was not knit by me, I wish. Julie Ridl knit it with our sport weight yarn from a pattern created by Jared of brooklyntweed. There are links on our web page to Julie's blog where she gives some tips on knitting it and to brooklytweed's blog for the original pattern information and close up photos.