Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day (observed)

Thank you to all the veterans of the past and those serving us now. We are so blessed and hopefully remember this more than this Special Day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knitted Sofa Throw - Wrap

This hand knit sofa throw was just delivered to its owner. It is knit with our Medium Grey Sport Yarn and is approximately 30 inches by 70 inches. The lady who commissioned it wanted a size that she could also use when traveling as an oversized Wrap.

The pattern is an adaptation of an Ann Norling baby blanket; a rib pattern worked inside a garter stitch border.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lois' socks and Jan

Lois, Schiplady, visited our farm shop a couple of years ago. I forgot she had taken photos that day, then last week she sent me a picture of the socks she knit from our sport yarn and also sent a copy of the photos.

She is looking for some way to double the thickness on the topside of the toe as that seems to be what wears the fastest. I have problems with the heels on my socks and suggested either nylon reinforcing thread or picking up a 2nd strand of yarn for that area. Any other suggestions for Lois???

Here is one of the other pictures she sent.

This is Jan waiting for a command to go to work. Jan is the 3rd Border Collie who has owned us. She passed away last fall at age 15. As every good Border, she was ready to work and please at any time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Woods Treasures

Last week I had a full 3 days as a bachelorette so between tending to the shop, internet and animals I was able to play 'country girl' again. The weather was wonderful, 60's-70 temperature, a little windy Tuesday but that kept some of the no-see-ums (a pesky gnat that really bites) away part of the time.

Two of the cats and Dance, the Border Collie, and I wandered the woods behind our barns on a couple of occasions. We were rewarded with a find of morel mushrooms, only 1/2 pound but that is enough for a good taste when sauteed then mixed in scrambled eggs. That is a country delicacy for me.

The end of the week cooled to 40's - 50's which isn't good mushroom growing around here but the forecast promises rain in a couple more days with a warm up so maybe I can find some more - before the deer or sheep find them.