Saturday, July 19, 2008

God's Smile

A friend sent this picture to us and I thought others would enjoy it, too

We have had rain all day, soft and quiet, perfect for the garden and flowers. The rain lowered the temp and the forecast says the humidity will be down tomorrow. That is great news since last week we had temps in the high 80's and humidity in the high 60's, I don't do well in heat so spent much time inside. I wasn't inspired to knit but did get a few batches of black raspberry jam made. My DH braved the mosquitos to pick the berries.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Purses for Progeria

Sarah Strait of Michigan has organized a charity knit-a-thon, Purses for Progeria. Proceeds support The Progeria Research Foundation, dedicated to discovering the cure for Progeria, a rare, (at this point) fatal, "premature aging" diease that afflicts children, who die of heart disease at an average age of 13 years.

Sara recently met the Mother of a little boy in Stevensville, MI who has this disease and was encouraged to help raise funds by knitting a purse which the little boy's grandmother sells on etsy

The Knit-a-thon & Bake Sale is at Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, MI on Saturday, August 2nd, 10 am - 2 pm.
Come with already knit projects to donate for the sale, come to help, or just come to sit and knit.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Belated Independence Day

Hope everyone had as perfect a weekend as we did, beginning with the Wed before the 4th, the sun was out, breeze was light and temps in the mid 70's during the day. We stayed home and enjoyed the neighbor's fireworks.

I did get more of the knitting pattern pdf's added to our website. Now 3 of Suzanne Pufpaff's entrelac knitting patterns are available as well as the gorgeous Civil War Shawl.

Seven of Suzanne's knitting with roving patterns are also available now as a download, including one called Simple Projects which is a primer to learn to knit with roving. It has 4 projects in the one pattern of instructions.

I finished the Kalamazoo Knits wrap that I started two months ago, it really was an easy and quick knit but gardens got in the way. I will get a picture of it taken next week to show it.