Saturday, February 2, 2013

Old Time Michigan Winter

 This is a view from the slider onto the deck at the back of the house.  I hope the bird bath doesn't get buried.  The recent years have been mild winters (for Michigan) when the snow doesn't pile high and last for months.  The past 3 days though do remind me of the snows of the 1990's. 

This snow started on Thursday and hasn't really quit for any length of time. Mostly it is "lake effect", lightweight and fluffy; we had about 18 inches by yesterday eve and another 6 inches fell overnight.  At the moment the sun is shining and it is long as you don't have to be out driving in it.
The bird feeders are hidden behind the drooping pine branches, a few birds can be seen on the ground including one male cardinal.  We have 6 pairs of cardinals who stay near the feeders during the day. Late evening when the birds have roosted, we bring the feeders inside to keep two yearling deer from emptying them each night.  The deer still make a trail around the house and are doing a good job of pruning the bushes all the way around.