Monday, March 30, 2009

Another farm family trying to do it the Right Way

I met Keith and Aimee this weekend when they came to get yarn for their unborn baby's blanket. We hit it off right away since they live in an area close to my heart and birthplace, Brown County Indiana. During their visit we talked about how great the internet is for those of us who live on farms. We are able to have a business to support our families while staying at home doing what we love. Keith and Aimee sell organic berry plants online.

The next day, I had the time to visit their website, Backyard Berry Plants and was amazed at how dedicated they are to the success of their customers who grow their berry plants. There is so much information that even if you have never grown anything before, you could have your own berry patch. I hope you will check their website, wouldn't it be really great to pick your own bowl of blueberries - or raspberries or blackberries?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

worsted wt. Button Wrap finished

This is my version of the e-pattern designed by Jill Turner.

Notice I said my version... I measured incorrectly and made it 4 inches longer than the pattern directed. Actually I am pleased with the outcome, it allows the wrap to be worn higher on the neck and the bottom length of both sides come out even. The back view is on our webpage and shows how nicely the cable lays.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sharing the love - of lambs, that is.

My friend Karen visited a few days ago. Before we could go to dinner, the sheep wanted their dinner. You can see they were patiently waiting. Note the lamb at the bottom of the picture ready to follow the yellow cat (barely visible) into the lamb creep (where the lambs have food available all day that the sheep can't get).

One little lamb was really begging so Karen went into the creep to calm him.and her husband caught this photo.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Sweater Saved

Yesterday we had 50 + temps then the rain came and this am it was 21 degrees with strong winds. The robins and bluebirds have taken refuge in the front yard, the house is a windbreak for them. Maybe later I will stay out long enough to take a picture of them.

The weather made it timely that I finished 'reincarnating' another sweater from the huge drop shoulder oversized phase. The 'fun' part was to make sure I matched the stripes again. It really wasn't hard though, the worst part was sewing the side seams on the sewing machine. The cardigan below opened up so easily but this pullover required a bit more finesse moving it around the needle foot. I pinned the side and armhole and made two long stitch lines up one side, around and down the other. After I cut off the excess, about an inch and half, I opened the sleeve seams so I could lay it all out flat. I just pinned the sleeve to the armhole and seamed the side first. I used a mattress stitch to do it all and am very pleased with the outcome.
The sweater has a rolled neckline which I prefer to roll inwards then I wear a turtleneck to keep my neck warm. The 'dot' on the left is just a decorative brooch.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WHOOO came to visit.

Yesterday I glanced out the kitchen window and there perched this beautiful little owl. We have a grove of pines right behind the house which are a perfect windbreak. It was sunny but the wind was coming from the north, temp was about 18 above so he chose the perfect spot to snuggle in. He did stay all day but didn't return today. I am sure he didn't get a very good sleep, the house cats kept coming in and out of the kitchen slider and he would wake to watch them.

Not sure what kind of owl he is - or if "he" is a he. It looks like pictures of a Horned Owl but he wasn't very large. Cute though.