Monday, March 30, 2009

Another farm family trying to do it the Right Way

I met Keith and Aimee this weekend when they came to get yarn for their unborn baby's blanket. We hit it off right away since they live in an area close to my heart and birthplace, Brown County Indiana. During their visit we talked about how great the internet is for those of us who live on farms. We are able to have a business to support our families while staying at home doing what we love. Keith and Aimee sell organic berry plants online.

The next day, I had the time to visit their website, Backyard Berry Plants and was amazed at how dedicated they are to the success of their customers who grow their berry plants. There is so much information that even if you have never grown anything before, you could have your own berry patch. I hope you will check their website, wouldn't it be really great to pick your own bowl of blueberries - or raspberries or blackberries?

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