Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall is coming???

As of this morning we are out of the heat and humidity, August held on for a few extra days it seems. September usually means cooler temps and some rain, and we generally need more of both at this time of year.

The Allegan County Fair begins this Friday, it is the largest county fair in Michigan. I love to go to see all the animals, watch the harness races and of course, eat the 'food'. When we were raising Registered Rambouillet Sheep and Registered Alpine and Oberhasli Dairy Goats for breeding stock, I would live at the fair in our travel trailer taking care of the animals there while Gene tended the flocks at home. I don't miss that much although it had it own perks.

Now my pre-fall schedule is to get the shop ready for the coming season of more knitting, spinning and felting. Two new hand dyed batts, Sapphire 'N Azure and Autumn Green 'N Gold, are on the website and in the shop. Plus we have a new supply of Merino and Silk top and synthetic sparkle, Firestar, both of these just pop with shine when used for hand spinning or felting. I am ready to do some felting and knitting of my own so I know many of you feel the same way.