Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knit it to fit best, Hepburn pattern.

I love this pattern for several reasons, the turtleneck, raglan sleeves and subtle cable design.

Pam is a slender - approximately 33" bust - who loves oversize sweaters and raglan sleeves so this was a great design for her. She used smaller needles than suggested, size 3.

She said, "I wanted to make sure the turtleneck wouldn't stand out too far from my neck, thus making it look even longer and thinner than it is.... Also, I ran short of yarn - probably due to the #3 needles. So, on the neck treatment, after picking up and knitting for about 1/2" I used a blending color for the inside (non-showing portion) of the turtleneck. I ribbed that part with p2,k4 rib for 3", facing the right side of the sweater, so the neck hugs my own more closely. I then joined the Light Heather yarn again and did stockinette for another 1/2" for the turning ridge, then switched to #5 needles for the cable pattern. I did do almost an extra 1/2" in the neck cable to be sure it would extend down far enough when turned so it would not ride up and let any of the 'wrong' yarn show."

Great ingenuity and I appreciate Pam letting me share this with you. She made a great adjustment for a size problem and possible yarn shortage. Two things that we all have had to think about at some time so I hope this is helpful to someone else - as well as me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to all that have served and are serving our country.

It is so easy to forget the real reason for our holidays but this one is especially dear to me this year since I lost my only uncle two weeks ago. Clarence Poole served in the Navy during WWII and was so proud of his service and his country that he saved his uniform, it was displayed with all the wonderful pictures his children arranged at the funeral home. We were all surprised that he still had it. I wish I had a photo to post, he was one handsome man with a heart of gold and a laugh that would cheer anyone.

Guess this isn't a very good month for us; as I type my husband is on the way to the funeral of his aunt. She was in her 90's and lived a full and glorious life. All 4 of her children were with her this past week as the town they come from in Iowa make a really big deal about celebrating Memorial Day. The high school classes meet for their reunions that weekend so it is not unusual that folks from all over come back for a visit.

When you are on a small farm it is difficult for both to be gone at the same time so this is my turn to stay home and do chores and keep up with the yarn business. We are truly blessed to have such a peaceful home, beautiful scenery and make a living at it.

We are both race fans so after church services, I will do double duty keeping track of the Indy 500 and the Charlotte 600. Have some yarn dyed that needs rinsing and drying so that will keep me moving around. I will post pictures of the yarn in a few days.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

The first of May means events close to my heart are happening... Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is first in line with competition on Saturday from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. I usually pick an underdog or the horse with a great heartwarming story and this year it is General Quarters. Even if I was at the track, I would only risk a $2 bet so I wouldn't be losing much although I cheer from home as though I had alot of money on the line.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is so full of great stories that I couldn't pick one. I really miss not having a booth there anymore but after 13 years, I have many great memories to keep me company the first weekend in May. My celebration of the festival was to dye more yarn. The fashion reports say that this fall's basic color will be brown sp I did 3 colorways of semi solid browns. This is Milk Chocolate.