Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

The first of May means events close to my heart are happening... Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is first in line with competition on Saturday from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. I usually pick an underdog or the horse with a great heartwarming story and this year it is General Quarters. Even if I was at the track, I would only risk a $2 bet so I wouldn't be losing much although I cheer from home as though I had alot of money on the line.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is so full of great stories that I couldn't pick one. I really miss not having a booth there anymore but after 13 years, I have many great memories to keep me company the first weekend in May. My celebration of the festival was to dye more yarn. The fashion reports say that this fall's basic color will be brown sp I did 3 colorways of semi solid browns. This is Milk Chocolate.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

lovely yarn and I remember your booth at MSWF quite well and fondly. I've not been in several years but have fond memories.
visiting from Ravelry Christian group.