Friday, April 3, 2009

Wet Felted Vessels

I seem to hop from one fiber art to another, I don't think I am alone. The daffodil leaves popping through the leaves in the flower bed must have signaled my inner self that I was going to need vases soon... so I made a wool vase.

Of course that isn't going to hold the daffodils,who will need water in their vase so I made some lilies for the wool vase. See them laying on the table in the next photo.
When I made the tan striped vase, I was thinking tall; it is 11 inches tall, 9 inches wide at the base by 5 inches deep at the base. This view makes it look a little tilted, it isn't; I was trying to photograph the white wool inside the vase.

I made the stems on the lilies long enough for the vase, but without a heavy wire in their stem, they wanted to lean over. I did use an 18 gauge wire in the stem but that wasn't heavy enough. No problem, make a new vase!

The next vase is wet felted wool and mohair blend for the outer greenish layer, the inside again is white - our merino rambouillet wool.

The wool and mohair vase is 8 1/2 inches tall, 8 1/2 inches wide at the base by 5 inches deep at the base.

I was pleased enough with this match of lilies and vase to display it for the month at the local Downtown Bakery & Deli, hopefully to have people vote for it with their pennies. The money collected will then go to the artist's charity choice. Wish my charity, Allegan Seeds of Grace, and the lilies, good luck.


picking up the pieces said...

very cool...

Jill said...

I'm wondering why you didn't felt over some actual vases if you wanted them to hold water?

Barbara said...

Jill, Thank you for your comment - good question. I do have a vase that has an inner liner to hold water but I planned on making the felt flowers. It is an advantage in the shop not to have something holding water sometimes.