Thursday, April 16, 2009

10% off Heather Yarn

The winter of 2008-2009 seemed longer and harder than usual for most of the US and when the calendar date for spring only brought cloudy, dreary days the desire for color became very strong.
I was restocking the yarn shelves when my memory clicked back to our original choices of yarn colors. We wanted colors that would meld with each other and with other yarns, nature provided the perfect palette, green of new grass, blue of the sky , red, yellow and lilac of the flowers.

I picked up a skein of each and held them together like a bunch of flowers... yeah, corny but it made me feel better - and the sun came out for awhile. I know that was coincidence as well but maybe I can offer my euphoria to you with a sale of our heather yarns for a short time. It begins today and for today will only be available to our blog readers.


Ting said...

Hi Barbara,

I just ordered some yarn from you about a week ago from CA. Love your yarn so much! Thank you for the wonderful yarn.

I want to order some heather color with 10% off. What should I do on the order process in your website in order to get 10% off discount?



Barbara said...

Ting, Thank you for your comment. The headline on the blog points to a special page for the 10% off. Also there is a link on our regular yarn page to it.

Let me know if you have trouble finding the right cart button.