Saturday, July 19, 2008

God's Smile

A friend sent this picture to us and I thought others would enjoy it, too

We have had rain all day, soft and quiet, perfect for the garden and flowers. The rain lowered the temp and the forecast says the humidity will be down tomorrow. That is great news since last week we had temps in the high 80's and humidity in the high 60's, I don't do well in heat so spent much time inside. I wasn't inspired to knit but did get a few batches of black raspberry jam made. My DH braved the mosquitos to pick the berries.

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Caps said...

What a great picture!!
And you wanna talk about hot?? It's supposed to be 103 degrees here today. I miss Michigan summers in the heat of Texas in July! Doesn't seem right, knitting in 100+ degree weather. :)