Monday, May 12, 2008

Lois' socks and Jan

Lois, Schiplady, visited our farm shop a couple of years ago. I forgot she had taken photos that day, then last week she sent me a picture of the socks she knit from our sport yarn and also sent a copy of the photos.

She is looking for some way to double the thickness on the topside of the toe as that seems to be what wears the fastest. I have problems with the heels on my socks and suggested either nylon reinforcing thread or picking up a 2nd strand of yarn for that area. Any other suggestions for Lois???

Here is one of the other pictures she sent.

This is Jan waiting for a command to go to work. Jan is the 3rd Border Collie who has owned us. She passed away last fall at age 15. As every good Border, she was ready to work and please at any time.

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Kim said...

You had the same suggestion that I would have given her. So I guess I'm not much help.

Jan was a wonderful dog. We had a border collie mix and you are correct in saying that they are very eager to please. Sorry to hear of your loss. Glad that you got a picture of her!