Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Beginning, the day after Inaugration

What an uplifting and refreshing day yesterday was. We watched the Inauguration with friends who voted for President Obama. Of course, they were excited and expectant. I did not vote for him although I was impressed with his campaign, the organization of it and little details that were included throughout. I know our country needs a change but I wasn't sure he could do what he wants to do.

I was extremely impressed with the huge crowd of people that were in DC with apparently none of the problems that often come with a large public gathering. I thought his speech was excellent, despite what some commentators thought 'that it was not remarkable'. I thought it was very appropriate and he "covered all the bases". I pray God gives him the wisdom to make the right decisions. I also pray that we follow his lead by being more open and caring with each other.

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