Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter with 64 degrees??

It seems much of my recent blogs have had to do with the weather. I see others are having the same issue so I don't feel so bad about it. But February 10, we had temps up to 64...that is unreal for Michigan. The rain is here today and possible thundershowers for tonight. I will not complain about the rain and storms, it is so much better than the tonadoes that devasted so many in states west of us. They are all in my prayers.

Some exciting things have happened here that are pleasing, new pictures of customers projects have been added to the Your Pictures page of our website. A group of mostly new knitters from Chicago shared their pictures as well. I hope you enjoy looking at them all.

Suzanne Pufpaff has some new entrelac designs, a mobeius
and a butterfly shawl. I can't add the photo here for some reason so I hope you will go look at this on our website, when the shawl is layed out flat it looks like a butterfly. That design is so great because it also looks great on.

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