Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wow - 2 posts in one day

This is exciting, I made my post about the 'renovated' cardigan today. When I checked it on the blog I found that Fab Fibers sent the above award to me. The criteria for the award per Rosanne are: "It goes to people-like anyone of my bloggy friends out there-who take the time to leave a comment, or a word of encouragement. Or the one I love the most, a compliment on something that I created and shared with my friends." Rosanne is most deserving as a very talented felter, knitter and bead artist.

There are rules to using the award posted on her blog One is to nominate 5 blogs. I nominate:
Suzanne at Hooked on Felt
Monique of Stitches and Strings
Kay, Forum Admin. for the Felting Forum
Holly of Knit with Snot
Caps of Kibbles & Knits


Holly Bee said...

Thank you! Thank you!

Kay Petal said...

Cool, Barbara - thanks for including the forum!!