Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Nuno Felt Artists

I just love showing what others have created.

I had another great afternoon with Barb Bare and Sue Hale as they learned a different wet felting technique called Nuno Felt or Laminated Felt. Fine fibers are wet felted into, or through, an open weave fabric.

Barb used solid color dyed merino fiber while Sue used a multi colored merino as her main fiber with solid color merino accents. The base fabric for both is 3mm silk gauze. Their individual designs make each scarf totally unique. Barb used a silver grey random pattern for her dying of the silk which complimented her overall design while Sue used a periwinkle dye and centered her design to give a ruffle effect on each side. The photos are small portions of the finished scarves, just enough to show the well fulled, pebbled appearance desired.


nanac said...

This looks like just the blog for me! I plan on making some nuno felt projects soon, when my current obligations clear up a bit. I want to make a nuno felt tunic that I could pair with summer pants.

Barbara Marr said...

A nuno tunic is a great idea, a little cover and so light weight. Glad you found us.