Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Merino and Silk Fibers for the Shop

The past few days I had the enjoyable and exciting task of preparing new fibers for felters and spinners. Enjoyable because who doesn't like putting their hands into a big ball of soft, fluffy merino wool. Exciting because even though I know what is coming, it is sometimes hard to determine from a picture or even the little tuft of actual fiber, exactly what the color will be. Several of the names of these new colors shout Spring and Summer; how about Hyacinth.

This color turned out to be a deeper sky blue shade, one you can really use alone or highlight. It will replace the current fiber called Sky Blue.

Then there is Garden Ivy. A soft shade of green that will compliment so many floral designs or stand alone easily.

Two other very exciting solid color merinos are Magenta, sure to spice up any fiber art. Also Purple, this is going to be my 'go to' color in that series. These are shown on the webpage with all the solid color merino.

Sandal wood is the new multi colored merino with shades of nature to blend with nearly all the solids and certainly will be a standout for later season designs. It is on the webpage with the other multicolored merinos.

This is one of the two new merino silk blends; called Rose as there is a rosy overtone to the many blended earthtones The other new merino silk is Concord, think juicy grapes. They are both shown on this page.

The standards and successful trial colors are all back in stock and ready for busy fiber work.


Frannie said...

Hmmm...I think I will have to try the new silk and wool blends the next time I order. And, that sandalwood looks really good too. I love the new colors so far!

Barbara Marr said...

The silk merino blends felt very well, perfect for nuno felting since you can have several colors in one light layer.

The same is true with the multi colors - several colors in one layer. Haven't had time to try the sandalwood yet but I think it should be a perfect base for scenic wall hangings, etc.