Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mystery Roving, A Special Purchase

This is the Mystery Roving I mentioned last week. It is a mystery because each 2 ounce bag is a little different.

The primary fiber is fine grade wool; merino, rambouillet and sheltand. Some of the wool is dyed, some natural white or natural colored, there may be alpaca, llama, mohair or other wools blended with the fine grade. The dyed wool is mostly various shades of green, there is a smaller amount of dyed red mixed in some bags.

It is great for wet or needle felting, the fibers are shorter so would be difficult for spinning. The mittens below were made by wet felting into a firm light weight mitten, perfect for driving the car. I am going to use two bags to make a heavy pair of mittens for barn use.

The mitten on the left is palm side up, I spread a short length of roving width wise to let the mixed colors make their own design. The mitten on the right is top side up, I separated some of the lighter natural colored with a bit of red in it to lay on last to make a design. The special price for this roving is $4.00 for a 2 ounce bag, it is a limited supply.

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