Saturday, October 16, 2010

Felting with Kazoo Yarnies

Kazoo Yarnies have such fun KIP meetings, this was my second meeting with the group. This time instead of Knit In Public, we had Felt In Public as the picture shows. The organizer of the group, Beth, is a professional photographer who took several great pictures in a rather underlit restaurant setting.

I made a cell phone/eyeglass case using merino top and brought a large bag of a special purchase "Mystery" roving. Will get that posted on the website later and post it here. Several of the knitters were interested in adding another fiber art to their repertoire and took some of the Mystery roving home with them. I am hoping they will keep me posted on their progress.

I had a little time to talk with a few of those attending, got to meet WonderWhyGal, she has more pictures on her blog. Also chatted abit with Carolyn and Janet, shown in the photo above.

Group meetings are so much more than knitting in public, they are a chance to learn more about those we have met online and in turn learn more about yourself.


WonderWhyGal said...

Thank you for taking the time to visit with the group and to share a new technique.

Even in the loud restaurant setting, you taught us a new skill and turned some knitters into future felters.

Looking forward to future opportunities to learn from you and have fun enjoying our shared passion for Fiber Arts and the animals the fiber comes from.


Barbara Marr said...

Andrea, You are very kind. I tried commenting on your blog but twice it wouldn't work and just now realized your link wasn't either. Now the link is fixed so everyone can see your photos.

My comment - abbreviated was: You are awesome!