Thursday, December 10, 2009

Michigan Winter Wonderland

I would post a picture but you can visualize a big, really big marshmallow and see it all. We have had blizzard warnings since the first of the week, it was supposed to start Tuesday eve and be over at 4pm today.... but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that she was on a time schedule.

We did get a little snow Tuesday am but that turned to rain, a little more snow on Wed. which put a nice layer of slush on all the drives and roads. Last night it started in ernest, the noon report said we had 8 inches of snow but it is now "lake effect" which is dry and blows all over. Visibility is about 1/4 mile. Why am I giving such detail? Those of you to the west of me have already experienced your first snowstorm of the season and those to the east are going through it with me. Just file this under misery loves company.

I do love snow and winter but would like to leave the winds out of it.


Anonymous said...

Love Your Post!
My DH relatives live east (N.Y.) and we always phone my 92year old M-I-L to report the weather so she can be prepared.( hence any appointments that needs canceled)
Life in Michigan, is what it is, cold and snow.

Silvia M. said...

I agree, winter would be a lot better without the awful frigid winds!