Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fingerless Mitts - Great Gifts

Just finished the 5th pair of Fingerless Mitts. I am using the Kalamazoo Knits pattern, the rib design fits various hands so well, plus it is fast. I love wearing these and keep thinking of others who would enjoy them; a lady from church who reads much of her day and evening, a friend whose office is on the too cool side, another knitter, crocheter - even my husband knit a pair for himself.

We had our first snowfall beginning Thursday evening and have about 4 inches on the ground. We were lucky this time, the 'lake effect' went north of us, folks about 50 miles north have over 16 inches of snow. That first snowfall does wonders for invigorating the Christmas spirit.


Connie said...

Barb, Enjoyed reading about your snowfall. I am an ex-Michigander (SW Michigan to boot) and now living in GA. Family is still there and in talking to them this weekend they said that GR received quite a bit, but like you, it snowed to the south and north of where they are. Even here in GA, though, I get to enjoy nice woolens including fingerless mitts. Thanks for the idea to use up that last little bit of Marr Haven yarn.
Connie G.

Barbara said...

Thanks Connie, you may be glad you are in GA if this week's forecast comes true. BIG snow supposedly Wed.