Friday, December 18, 2009

Helmet Liners for Soldiers

National Helmet Liner Day will be December 29, 2009, knitters and crocheters all over the United States will knit or crochet Helmet Liners for Soldiers.

This project began last April when Tarie Dillard-Williams owner of Yarn Heaven, a local yarn store in Arlington Texas, organized dozens of friends and customers to reach a goal of making 5,500 helmet liners. By November they had completed 3,000. After the recent announcement that 30,000 new troops will be deployed, Williams contacted local yarn stores across the US to help by distributing her free knit or crochet pattern and becoming a drop off location for the finished liners.

The free patterns have been critiqued by the military, the yarn must be 100% wool. Acceptable colors are Black, Grey, Brown, Dark Tan, Navy or Army Green.

Marr Haven Wool Farm will provide the free patterns and be a collection location for the finished helmet liners to send to the Arlington Tx. Group. The free patterns will be available at the Marr Haven shop, 772 39th St., Allegan Michigan 49010 beginning Friday the 18th. The patterns are also available with web links, for the knitting pattern or the crochet pattern.

Soldiers who have tried these designs say they are more comfortable and safer than the issued items. If you know a serviceman or woman, make one for them. You can also bring or mail them to Marr Haven, we will send them all to Tarie the end of January. You may send them direct to her shop at 1300 W. Arkansas Lane, Arlington, TX 76013

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