Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wet Felted Mitten Class

Barbara Bare and Sue Hale, both from the South Haven area, came for a class to make wet felted mittens. Both are artists in other mediums and had felting experience so the class went quickly and smoothly.

Unfortunately, the class went so quickly I forgot to take pictures of the ladies with their finished mitts before they left. Thankfully, Sue sent me a photo of her mittens to show the embellishments she added at home. The hand stitching around the cuff and top edge of each mitten really emphasize the dyed top she used in the final layer of her mittens. The button arrangement using two colored buttons is another clever addition.

In a recent email, Sue said she was enjoying her mittens on these cold, cold days!!! I am sure that is true. Thanks to both Barb and Sue for a fun afternoon.


harriet said...

Those mittens are beautiful! that must have been a fun class.

Barbara Marr said...

Aren't they though, love Sue's color choices contrasting with the natural brown. It is always fun to see how each person makes the same yet totally different item.