Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Shawl

This was a fun, yet challenging, project made specifically for the Starry Night Gallery's Valentine Reception Feb. 4 in Allegan.

Part of the challenge was the size, the finished dimensions are 7 foot 2 inches long by 21 inches wide, which dictated layout and beginning felting was done on the floor. The lace fabric is synthetic, when I dyed it part of the lace design on one side stayed white while the other side is a deeper all over color. I wanted both sides to have the felt design but the depth of color made it more difficult to mirror the layout.

You can see the darker shade at the neckline of the front photo and even more with the backside photo.

The felt design of hearts is ruby merino with an almost pink merino silk blend interlacing them. The dye color for the fabric is vermillion. The two sided felting gives a dramatic reversible effect.


clasheen said...

This looks wonderful thrown around your shoulders!!!

Barbara Marr said...

Thanks Nicole, it is long & wide enough that it can be worn several ways.