Saturday, June 12, 2010

Helmet Liner Special Delivery by coggietm

Two gals from Ravelry, KaRi, known as coggietm and Lorrie, known as lorrieu came to the shop, we had a great time and you will hear more about that later.

KaRi's husband was deployed earlier this month and the knitting goddess took advantage of that information to arrange a serendipity event. I was delayed in sending the latest helmet liners to Texas...but KaRi is going to visit her husband before he is sent to she will personally deliver them. Lorrie is modeling one, I think she needs the size smaller.

I thoroughly enjoyed having them visit the shop and appreciate KaRi taking care of the helmet liners, but more importantly I am so thankful for the service her husband is doing for us. This is his 3rd deployment.

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