Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Benefits

So much of the US is having snow, yesterday NBC said 49 states had measurable snow! Since we are used to it I thought I would try to find a benefit that might 'ease the pain' of those who aren't used to it - or just plain have TOO MUCH. A benefit - you can see the animals better.

This am I went to the front porch and watched 12 bluebirds take turns flying from one of the maples to the small Holly bush. I couldn't see any berries left but their bright blue feathers and red breast were easy to spot. Then a woodpecker started doing a tattoo on another maple. Not to forget, the tracks under the old apple tree down from the drive made it obvious that the deer were visiting last night.

This is a picture I took a couple of years ago of a doe looking in the shop window. The sun was shining so she couldn't see me on the inside - sorry the window screen messes the photo.

Last thought or post about snow from me, maybe if we all turned facing north and blew really hard, we could help Vancouver get some more snow for the Olympics.

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