Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Ravelympics Medal

I have my first medal. Okay, it was an easy one - Aerial Unwind is the event for frogging a finished project or one in progress.

I knit a Lazy Day Moebius with the limited Lambswool worsted weight and wanted to make it extra special since the yarn was a limited lot. However when I changed the pattern I wasn't pleased with the results. It came out as planned, wide enough to make a shawl collar; but it was not as comfortable for me to wear as the regular Lazy Day.

This is what it looked like before frogging, now it is 2 cakes of yarn. If I do the same pattern again, I will follow the pattern or maybe choose something else.


Jeanie said...

Splendid! I've never knit a mobius (sp) strip of any kind -- lovely!

Barbara Marr said...

Thanks Jeanie,
This is my design, I call it Lazy Day because it isn't knit as a moebius. It is knit as a single strip and the moebius twist is put in when you are done. Here is the pattern,