Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nuno or Laminated Silk Scarves

It took a week but August proved to be what most people call summer - hot & humid. I probably have said before that I loved our summer so much this year because it had been cool, I guess others need to have what they prefer as well.

It did give me a good reason to stay inside to make some nuno scarves for the shop.

These are 3 of them. You can view a close up of them.

The day temps.are back to 80's which is much better for this weekend's Fiber Festival. I have already met some who are here early for classes and came to the farm shop.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I just love the scarves. Hoping to get to Michigan next year and come by your shop again. We were there several years ago with the family. Your yarn is the best.speck