Friday, June 12, 2009

Natural Worsted Weight is sold out.

If you read any list that said Marr Haven is out of yarn ...... we aren't out of yarn. We are out of Natural in worsted weight and do have a good supply in sport weight.

So many wonderful hand dyers have been using our Natural that I knew last montht a shortage was a possibility, just had no idea it would happen all at once. Anyway, because of the possible shortage, I began doing some hand dyeing with our other yarns. For years I have dyed the natural colored Light Grey, Medium Grey and Light Heather to give unique colorways but I wanted to see what would happen with our darker dyed colors.

This is Happy Blue on the left and Forest Green below. Both came out just as soft and lofty as any of the natural colored yarns. I used Jacquard Acid Dye, the same amount I would have used on the Natural and had total dye takeup, none left in the dye pot.
You can see more of the dyed yarns and links to close up photos on this page and page 2. If you dye for your self or others, I think you will be pleased with these options.

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