Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland 2008

Our first accumulation of snow for this winter season. There is about 5 inches on the ground now, you can see how it has piled up on the old iron wheel at the shop door. This is what is known in Michigan as "lake effect", the water of Lake Michigan is picked up by the cold air crossing the lake from the west and all along the state shoreline - about 15 to 20 miles inland can get quite abit of snow. At mile 21 or so the sun can be shining.

We had a couple of "dustings" of snow last week, where it stays on the grass for a short while but melts immediately on walks and roads, those don't count as snow to me. The hunters will be happy as deer season opened last Sat. and the deer who hide behind our old barn will be happy because the heavy snow will bring down some more of the winter keeper apples that are still hanging on the tree.

I am happy because I love to look at it and snuggle more deeply into my wool sweater.

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