Saturday, November 1, 2008

2 Blessings - 1 week, God & the Yarn Harlot

I knew it had been awhile since I wrote, didn't realize it had been a month. September is always busy getting the farm, gardens, barns, animals and me ready for winter. This year I had a new curve thrown at me, an emergency gall baldder removal at the end of July exposed a spot on my kidney so the end of September there was surgery to cryogenically remove the spot. Both of those episodes were ' a piece of cake', I was back up and running in a couple of days. But, the Sept. event found the lymph nodes in my lungs were enlarged. Yeah, that put a real downward spiral into motion.

I really surprised myself after a few days that I was able to tell myself - and believe - God wouldn't have put me through the earlier experiences just to bring me to this. That and a lot of prayers by wonderful friends and friends of friends were answered last night with a late call from the pulmonolgist who performed a bronchoscopy this past Thursday. No cancer cells in the lymph nodes, the enlargement is probably due to an infection I had years ago. Still have some follow up that will be determined but the big question is answered for now.

As if that blessing wasn't enough, the knitting community came through for me BIG TIME when the Yarn Harlot mentioned our yarn on her blog "Yarn Harlot" last Tuesday, Oct 28, 2008. Just about the time I could have panicked about the Thursday procedure, the orders from her fantastic readers arrived and I no longer had time for any pity party.

I really thank God for giving me this great author to write about our yarn at such an appropriate time for me. I have a couple of finished items to show and some great ones from customers, will try to make them sooner than later.

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