Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools Day

Appropriately, I will be going in circles...so to speak. The Lambswool Limited Yarn has been so popular, all of the lambswool that our spinner put up in hanks/skeins is gone. Some of this yarn was put on cones to be used for hand dyed yarn but already part of that yarn has been wound off the cones into skeins and found its way to the shop, now guess I will do the rest.

The lambswool yarn has certainly lived up to expectations. it is so soft and white. It does pill with the first washing, that is understandable with the shorter and extra fine baby fibers, however it has worn very well. The first item I knit with it was the Lazy Moebius. I have worn that alot in the shop because it allows full arm movement and won't fall off. Wearing anything in the shop is a good test of durability.

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