Monday, April 21, 2008

After Shearing

Friday was "Shearing Day", such a good feeling for the ewes and for us. You can see #400 in the right hand corner after her coat was removed. Her ''before" picture is at the bottom of that column. I detect a bit of a smile in the after shearing picture, don't you?

Our Merino Rambouillet sheep are shorn once a year. You can see more pictures of a typical shearing if you click on this days title 'After Shearing'. As soon as the wool is shorn from the sheep, it is then called a fleece, the fine wool holds together so well that the entire fleece can be flung like a blanket onto the skirting table. Our skirting table is shown in the 3rd picture on the website. It isn't fancy, just a cattle panel framed with some lumber sitting on 2 saw horses big enough for the full fleece to be spread out evenly with the cut side down. The open squares of the cattle panel allow any 2nd cuts (wool that is cut short by the shearer) to fall onto a tarp laid on the floor.

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