Friday, October 21, 2011

October's Activities

October is a gathering month; when you have trees all around your home, nearly every free minute is spent gathering leaves in the fall.  The summer's weather created a bumper crop of leaves, as well as walnuts, grass and other growing things.  This was good for many - our neighbor baled a late hay crop and the numerous varieties of great Michigan apples are in abundant supply so it is totally lame for me to complain about a few extra leaves and walnuts.  We will finish gathering leaves, squirrels will gather the nuts and some will gather extra foods to put away for winter.

It is also a time to  gather supplies for our crafts, knitters need yarn and felters or spinners need fiber.  Four new colorways of hand dyed yarn are posted to the website; purples and blues Merino fiber selections are restocked as available and new ones added.  This is Lemon, softer yet deeper in shade value than the Yellow and blends well with Gold. I hope we can help with your gathering for winter wool creations.

2 comments: said...

beautiful feltwork, nice blog!
bye from switzerland,
monica /

Barbara Marr said...

Thank you, your felt work is amazing, I love the animals, especially the frog and of course the lamb. The piece on the tree called Mutation is so intriguing. I must try that.