Sunday, August 14, 2011

Giant Mitten Cardigan Knit Sweater

I am so in awe of Pam Hinshaw's latest knitting and must admit the 2 color stranded Latvian style pattern is a technique that astounds me. Especially when I read her notes on Ravelry, actually she used 3 different patterns and 2 technique resource books to achieve the uninterrupted design.

The main pattern Pam used is by designer Meg Swansen, Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan WG67. You can read Pam's note on the special effects she used to create this lovely sweater and see other views of it on the Ravelry page linked above. Pam wrote to me that she "modeled for the photos on the shore of Lake Red Rock in Iowa on a breezy August 10 and the wool was soft and so comfortable". I do appreciate the compliment on our wool yarn.

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