Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nuno Felt Shawl

Suzanne Pufpaff has a new pattern that will let you make 2 triangular shawls from a piece of silk gauze that would normally only make one shawl or 2 scarves. I really like the sheerness of nuno felt, it is so strong yet looks so fragile. The shawl I made above is the large size, it hangs well below my hips in the back.
The red one is the "small" size, both from the same piece of fabric. Both are felted with merino top and a silk - merino top for some shine.

You could make 2 medium size shawls and a scarf from the same 2 yard piece (which I just happen to have on our website) Great idea for Christmas gifts, very little cost and looks fabulous on everyone.

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