Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recent Hand Dyed Yarn

I finished these 2 colors a week ago but just got them labeled and on the website today. The name of the first, Limeade, tells you what I was thinking about. We were working on our vegetable garden which we cover with plastic and it gets hot out there even though the air temp is only in the 70's.

The second colorway is also summer oriented, I call it Sand 'N Sea. It will certainly be awhile before we can make the short trip to the 'big lake' (Lake Michigan is about 20 miles west of the farm) and be in the water. My husband has been on top of the water already this season - fishing. Yesterday the temps were teasing for the water lovers, up to 80+ degrees, but today is overcast, cool with a breeze in the 60's.

You can see pictures of the full skeins on the webpage http://www.marrhaven.com/handyedyarn3.html My knitting is taking a backseat right now with the yarn dyeing. I have a custom order that must be finished first. The Kalamzoo Knits wrap is laying beside my favorite chair, patiently waiting.

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